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Template: PICK Chart

Streamline project management with our free PICK Chart Template, designed to categorize and prioritize ideas effectively for better decision-making outcomes. Available in Excel and Google Sheets.
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Author: Daniel Croft

Daniel Croft is an experienced continuous improvement manager with a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. With more than ten years of experience applying his skills across various industries, Daniel specializes in optimizing processes and improving efficiency. His approach combines practical experience with a deep understanding of business fundamentals to drive meaningful change.

Template: PICK Chart

PICK Chart Template

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Our free PICK Chart Template in Excel and Google Sheets format enables you to categorize and prioritize ideas or projects based on their impact and feasibility. With this template, you can classify tasks into four categories: Possible, Implement, Challenge, and Kill, helping teams to focus on the most valuable activities.

The template includes a pre-formatted PICK chart that allows for quick sorting and decision-making. Just download the template, fill in your project details, and utilize the built-in features to visualize priorities.

Learn more about the PICK Chart Process: PICK Chart Guide

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Implement: High-impact, easy-to-implement ideas. Prioritize these for immediate action.


Kill: Low impact or unfeasible ideas; best to avoid pursuing these.


Possible: Ideas with uncertain impact or feasibility; require more analysis or information.


Challenge: Ideas with high impact but difficult to implement; explore creative solutions.

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