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Pareto Chart Creator

Pareto Analysis Tool Upload Input Manual Input Add More Submit Data Pareto Chart Export Chart

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Histogram Analyzer

Upload or Input Data for Histogram Enter data separated by commas: Upload a .csv or .xlsx file: Generate Histogram Demo Data Histogram Feedback Looking to delve deep into your data? You’re in the right place!…

P-Value Analyzer - Feature Image - Learnleansigma

P-Value Analyzer

Calculate the P-Value P-Value Calculator and Visualiser P-Value Analysis quicker than you can Google “How to calculate P-value in Excel” Sample Mean (x̄): ? Population Mean (μ): ? Standard Deviation (σ): ? Sample Size (n):…

Control Chart Analyzer - Feature Image - Learnleansigma

I-MR Control Chart Analyzer

Loading… Load Data Demo Reset I-MR Chart (Individual & Moving Range Control Chart) Export to PDF Export as Image – Results Mean: Standard Deviation: Variance: Range: Median: Mode: Upper Control Limit: Lower Control Limit: Percentage…


Process Capability Analyzer

Analyze your Processes Process Capability and Data Analysis Process Capability Analysis quicker than you can Google “How to create a Process Capability Chart in Excel” Sample Mean: ? Sample Standard Deviation: ? Or Upload Historical…

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