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What Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts Should Know

As a methodology for process improvement and achieving operational excellence, Lean Six Sigma has experienced tremendous growth. As a Yellow Belt, you are instrumental in bringing about change and ensuring the accomplishment of Lean Six…

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Poka-Yoke: Mistake and error proofing

Poka-Yoke, commonly referred to as mistake-proofing or error-proofing, is a technique used to avoid mistakes or errors in commercial or industrial operations. Poka-Yoke attempts to improve the quality of goods and services, lower rework and…

Basic data types and analysis

Basic data types and analysis methods

There are different types of data in statistics, that are collected, analysed, interpreted, and presented in different ways. Data is individual pieces of information that are recorded and used for the intent of analysis. By…


Scoping projects with SIPOC

In Lean Six Sigma projects a range of process maps can be used for a variety of reasons. Each process map assists in understanding the flow of activities in the process and visualising how the…

Problem Statement

Understanding Problem Definition

Problem Definition: To quote the great Albert Einstein, “If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem.” This sentiment may appear extreme, but it emphasizes the…

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