PICK Chart Template - Feature Image - Learnleansigma

Template: PICK Chart

Streamline project management with our free PICK Chart Template, designed to categorize and prioritize ideas effectively for better decision-making outcomes. Available in Excel and Google Sheets.

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Risk Assessment Matrix - Template - Learn Lean Sigma

Template: Risk Assessment Matrix

Risk Assessment Matrix Excel Template Download our free Risk Assessment Matrix Template in Excel format to effectively manage and assess risks in your projects or organization. This user-friendly template simplifies the process of identifying, evaluating,…

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Template: Monitoring and Response Plan

The Excel template, rooted in Lean Six Sigma, aids in tracking and improving work processes in manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing by monitoring critical metrics and implementing prompt corrective measures.

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One Point Lesson Template - Feature Image - Learnleansigma

Template: One Point Lesson

One Point Lesson Excel Template Download our “One Point Lesson” Excel template to streamline your continuous improvement and training efforts. Designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, this template helps you create focused, single-topic lessons…

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Template: OEE Calculator

OEE Calculator Excel Template The OEE Calculator Excel Template is an invaluable tool designed for manufacturing professionals aiming for operational excellence. This user-friendly template allows you to quickly calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by…

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Kaizen Newspaper - Feature Image - Learnleansigma

Kaizen Event Template

Kaizen Event Excel Template Download our Free Microsoft Excel Kaizen Event Excel Template. Kaizen is a powerful and efficient method designed to transform the way your company approaches continuous improvement. This template has been developed to…

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Balanced Scorecard Template - Feature Image - Learnleansigma

Balanced Scorecard Template

Balanced Scorecard Excel Template The Balanced Scorecard Template is a strategic performance management tool. This free download enables businesses to optimize their performance by measuring key metrics in four critical areas: financial, customer, internal processes,…

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5S Red Tag Template

5S Red Tag Template

5S Red Tag Template The 5S Red Tag Template – your comprehensive tool for efficient and organized red tagging during the sort stage of 5S implementation and sustainment. This free-to-download PDF template is designed to…

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Lessons Learned Template - Feature Image - Learnleansigma

Lessons Learned Template

Lessons Learned Excel Template The Lessons Learned Excel Template is the ideal tool for documenting and analysing key insights and takeaways from your projects and initiatives. This simple template is intended to assist you in…

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Free Lean Six Sigma Templates

Improve your Lean Six Sigma projects with our free templates. They're designed to make implementation and management easier, helping you achieve better results.